Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Week 8: Editing

Much progress has been made on the video product this week. The editing suite was booked for the Monday for the maximum amount of time available (9pm). This allowed the group to stay behind to begin editing the final video. After logging the footage from the interview of the previous week this allowed for editing to begin.

The editor is responsible for creating a video via editing raw footage combined with special effects, audio effects, titles, and dialogue. However one must remember the editor is a facilitator in what the director wants to see on the screen. This requires close communication between the two. The editor is also responsible for technically operating the editing software, having an understanding of formats used, and knowledge of editing techniques. This requires the editor to have a large skills base to fill the role. (prospect, 2010).

Some of the skills of an editor are outlined by Skillset (2010). Some of these being:

• Being creative under pressure – the editor is responsible for the product being finished in time, this will put pressure on the individual/s that can affect the creativity.
• Understand of narrative – understanding how the story will progress as the editor will have to assemble the story piece by piece. this also links in with the above of knowledge of editing techniques.
• Communication skills – the editor is one department, they will have to at some point engage with other departments in the production. This is where good communication skills come in. Being polite will also help in this aswell.
• Patience – editing a video can take many months’ even years depending on the type of film. This relates to long hours spent editing sequences and re-editing them. The editor has to be patient and not rush otherwise problems may occur.

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