Saturday, 9 October 2010

Week 1: Starting Off

This past week the groups for industry practice have finally been agreed. I have been put into a group with Francesca and Emmaline. After this was complete the first item to discuss as a group was to find a client. This meeting was held on 04/10/10 and certain ideas were put forward, one being for the Hull Community Church.

The idea was put forward by Emmaline (due to her work with the church 2years earlier) as she had spoken with on of the managers there who was in charge of the lighthouse project (project designed to help prostitutes in hull to change). The manager expressed at the time an interest at creating a video product for the project. With this in mind the group got in contact with the church, however we are still waiting for a reply from them.

With this in mind I took it upon myself to contact other possible clients in case the community church does not get back to us.

Firstly I approached a company called saville audio visual. After contacting their hull branch I was given a contact for John Baxter (the head of their creative department). However I was told by him that they already create videos for themselves.

After this I looked through my list of contacts and realised I had one for a friend (who will be left unnamed) works in the media department in BP. However I have found that they are currently unavailable until 11/10/10.

Considering this week’s progress the targets for the end of next week (17/10/10) should be:

• Confirm a client
• Arrange a meeting with the client (as soon as possible)
• * If the above has been organised before end of week a schedule should be drawn up.

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