Saturday, 23 October 2010

Week 3: Meeting..........Maybe Not

For industry practice this week:

On Monday there was a meeting planned with the client to discuss the video product. However the client was unable to commit to the meeting due to organisational difficulties. However the client did inform Emmaline that they would prefer us to present a pitch for the video product. This now gives the group creative control of the video product. This process is similar to negotiating a film

“A film begins as an idea ‘pitched’ to a studio. It is conceived as an individual product and put together by a producer as a ‘package’ of a story, stars, and a director and crew.” (Branston, Stafford, 2006, p214)

This is similar because the group is now in a situation where we have to pitch the idea to the client (who in this case is the studio). The client will control whether we have permission to film locations or peoples, much in the way a studio will control whether a company can film in there space. And this control will be dependent on the pitch.

This pitch will be dependent on research of the nature of the product and the client. To contribute towards this I have volunteered to look at broadcasting standards that will relate to video product. These standards will effect how the product will be shot and edited but also whether the concept would be suitable for broadcasting.

“In many other countries, public service broadcasting refers to a system that is set up by law and generally financed by public funds (often a compulsory licence paid by households) and given a large degree of editorial and operating independence. The general rationale for such systems is that they should serve the public interest for such systems is that they should serve the public interest by meeting the important communication needs of society and its citizens, as decided and reviewed by the way of democratic political system.” (McQuail, 2005, p179)

To meet public interest following these broadcast codes will be important. These codes will also apply to the product because it deals with a sensitive topic of prostitution, drugs, and possibly crime. Therefore fairness, privacy, due impartiality, and protecting under 18’s (who may be involved or who may be viewing the product).

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