Saturday, 6 November 2010

Week 5: A Meeting

Over this past week a lot of progress has been made with industry practice.

A meeting with the client had been booked for the Monday which was very important. It was in this meeting that me an my colleagues pitched to the client about the content we wanted to include in promotion video, but also about some of the legalities and how we would protect privacy of those who wanted to contribute to the final product (via interviews or personal backgrounds). The reason why we did speak about the legalities was to assure the client that we understood the sensitive nature of Lighthouse Project and that we are prepared to take the necessary precautions to protect the identities of those involved.

“8.2 Information which discloses the location of a person's home or family should not be revealed without permission, unless it is warranted.” (Ofcom, 2010, section 8 privacy)

The meeting had gone very well, so well that on Wednesday we were inform that the client had already arranged 2 interviews, one on Thursday and one of the 15th of November.

Though the first interview was very last minute, the group decided that it was best to do as we may not have had a second chance. Plus if we didn’t it may lead the client to question the group’s enthusiasm for the project.

“Be upbeat, positive and passionate about your idea. If you are not enthusiastic about the show, they won't be either.” (, accessed 06/11/10)

Another problem encountered was that booking out equipment and editing suites was last minute. This could have caused the group to not go and film and miss the opportunity presented. Luckily however equipment was available to film with and an editing suite was available. For future reference it would be worth asking for more warning from clients (if possible) so that filming session can be better planned.

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