Sunday, 21 November 2010

Week 6:........Nothing

This week not much has been done for industry practice. Though there were little tiny things that I were done to help progress the production.

Firstly I was able to log the footage that had been filmed the week before. This is important as it saved doing paperwork later when this may have been rather awkward e.g. trying to find the original files when all the files have been moved and renamed.

The second thing that the group was able to do was to help edit the footage into a rough timeline. This footage was the only the interviews of two of the contributors though again it helped to save the work load of editing. Starting to edit as soon as possible is extremely important as editing can be an lengthy process which involve many hours of work, especially if special effects are being used.

“Time management and task management are closely linked and you are advised to try to strike a balance between the two”. (Portsmouth, 2001)

This talks about how one should organize their tasks and time to do them in. With few tasks to do on the production it means that there is a wealth of time to complete them though one should waste time in completing them.

“If you become too obsessed with time then you tend to think in terms of ‘hours put in’, rather than in terms of what you have achieved”. (Portsmouth, 2001)

If it were to happen that we spend hours completing one task then the production would lose momentum. This is why starting everything as soon as will help as this will reduce the number of tasks earlier to free up time for further development.

Portsmouth University. (2001) Information and study skills: Managing time and workload [Internet] Portsmouth University. Available from: ports [accessed 21st of November]

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