Thursday, 4 November 2010

week 4: better late than never

A little late, but better late than never. Over the past week (25th – 31st of October) not much progress has been made for industry practice. This has been due to their being no initial meeting with the client which is slowing progress. Because of this we are unable to book equipment or avid suites.

However we have learned from the client that instead of them pitching an idea to us, they would us to pitch and idea to them instead. This will give the group more creative control of the final product. However this will require us to think carefully about the content and style of the video. Considering the sensitive nature of the subject the will have to be considerable focus on privacy of the contributors should they require it.

“8.7 If an individual or organization’s privacy is being infringed, and they ask that the filming, recording or live broadcast be stopped, the broadcaster should do so, unless it is warranted to continue.” (Ofcom, 2010, section 8 Privacy)

This may have to be addressed with pixilation of faces, false details, or altered voices. Also another area that should also be considered is fairness of the depiction of the Lighthouse project.

“7.9 Before broadcasting a factual programme, including programmes examining past events, broadcasters should take reasonable care to satisfy themselves that:
• material facts have not been presented, disregarded or omitted in a way that is unfair to an individual or organisation; and
• anyone whose omission could be unfair to an individual or organisation has been offered an opportunity to contribute.” (Ofcom, 2010, section 7 Fairness)

If facts and figures are to be used in the final product, they should come from the project itself otherwise misrepresentation will occur as the video will be representing the Lighthouse Project with facts that are not their own.

The aim for next week will be to have the initial meeting with the client and if possible organize filming dates.

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